AngelHack: The biggest hackathon series of the planet is coming to Cyprus!

AngelHack: The biggest hackathon series of the planet is coming to Cyprus!

AngelHack, «the world’s most diverse hacker community» announced its annual Global Hackathon Series earlier this year and it’s also coming to Cyprus for the first time! This year’s theme is focusing on Seamless Technology.

The event will travel to more than 50 cities starting from San Francisco’s Tech-Mecca Silicon Valley to the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, North America, Europe, and mainland China in search of unique tech talent and innovation.

The event is co-hosted and sponsored by Impact Tech LTD, leaders in Big Data and AI technology-based solutions and the disruptive digital media agency RiseTech Media. The hackathon will be hosted at Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol, Cyprus on July 7-8, 2018.

During the hackathon series, developers, designers and entrepreneurs get a chance to meet like-minded people and demonstrate their skills, while tech giants such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Agora are on the lookout for great talent and ideas that can invest in or even make part of their business. AngelHack has evolved to a global community of more than 150,000 people deriving from all corners of the world.

«We expect to bring out more developers than ever before and project a five percent bump in female attendance. By introducing hackathons, virtual competitions, accelerator programs, and various developer initiatives over the past six years to over 100 cities, I’ve seen some of the best rapidly-prototyped ideas the developer ecosystem has to offer. Through the HACKcelerator and other accelerator programs, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with these entrepreneurs and watched as their startups turned into reality; proving that the projects don’t stop when the hackathon does,» said AngelHack Founder & CEO, Sabeen Ali.

The AngelHack Challenge

The winning team will be invited to join AngelHack’s HACKcelerator, a 12-week program where they will have the chance to further develop their prototype to a viable business model and pitch their idea to a pool of investors in Silicon Valley. To encourage social impact projects, the HACKcelerator will present five Code For A Cause Impact Awards to the teams whose technologies can be used for the benefit of local communities globally.

The ImpacTech Challenge

Are you a potential #Impactivator? The challenge requires skills in any or as many of the following fields: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics to solve a problem. ImpacTech is looking for tech that makes an impact, demonstrates creativity and innovation. The winning team will receive a cash prize. ImpacTech has started the prize pool at €1000 and they will add €1 for every share their competition post receives on Facebook .

The IBM Call for Code Challenge

The challenge is to improve logistics based on traffic and weather activity and use existing code developed by IBM to kickstart your solution or build your idea on other IBM Code patterns provided by the IBM Cloud. This is a worldwide, multi-year initiative that inspires developers to solve pressing global problems with sustainable software solutions.

The RiseTech Media/CyRIC Smart City Challenge

RiseTech Media has partnered up with the innovation company CyRIC to add a smart city challenge with cool prizes. The challenge involves building a mobile and/or web application to provide real-time, accurate and useful information to citizens and/or municipal authorities for any of the following topics: (a) bus transportation and traffic services e.g. bus timetables, smart bus station placements, taxi availability, traffic monitoring etc. for enhancing traffic management, (b) parking availability in municipal or/and private parking lots, or (c) fill-level in waste and recycling bins for timely collection and improvement of public health.

Learn more about the hackathon and register today at For more information about AngelHack Cyprus Hackathon, contact AngelHack’s ambassador in Cyprus, Panis Pieri, at [email protected]


About AngelHack:

For over six years, AngelHack has been a leader in innovation, introducing hackathons, virtual competitions, accelerator programs, Meetups and various developer-focused initiatives to over 100 cities around the globe. AngelHack, a female-owned, female-majority company, encourages their diverse community of over 150,000 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to become holistic and well-rounded hackers. AngelHack believes in providing entrepreneurs with emerging technologies and the best mentors to create Seamless Technology solutions both inside and out of the Silicon Valley bubble. Through their non-profit arm, Code For A Cause, AngelHack challenges their community to build code that positively impacts the world and promotes an inclusive environment. Find out more at

About ImpacTech:

ImpacTech was formed by a group of entrepreneurial and talented IT individuals whose goal is to become global leaders in the Business Intelligence sector. It has already developed an innovative banking platform, delivered a business-optimised Telecom Solution and has just released ImpactCRM which is a data-driven, AI-powered solution that delivers real-time reporting and can optimise a company’s performance. ImpacTech is a place where great things happen because great people have come together. Continuous improvement is at the core of everything the company does which is why it invests significantly in R&D. It has created a working environment where #Impactivators can perform at the highest level, developing Big Data Analytics and AI so that it can continue to lead the charge in Business Intelligence. Learn more at

About RiseTech Media:

RiseTech Media is an international media agency helping startups, SMEs and brands to optimise their paid digital marketing campaigns locally and internationally. It uses growth hacking, innovative tools and conversion-optimisation techniques to optimise the ROI on the paid digital campaigns of its customers. Growth hacking diverts from traditional marketing; it’s a mix of product management, coding, lean startup, conversion rate optimisation and digital marketing. RiseTech Media design, build and implement innovative digital marketing conversion optimisation strategies, thus helping their clients and partners improve their conversion rate and ROI on their marketing budget. Learn more at


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