Baker Tilly’s executive development programme in South East Europe

Baker Tilly’s executive development programme in South East Europe


Baker Tilly’s development program for its executives will result to the enhancement of knowledge and experiences of its personnel within the organisation.

Since the beginning of the year some of the firm’s staff members have been selected to be seconded to offices of Baker Tilly in the South Eastern European region to be acquainted to both short and long term projects of its offices abroad.

Through this programme, team members are given the opportunity to work in a new environment, acquire additional skills and experiences, and develop both in a professional and personal manner, enhancing their prospects of advancement within the organisation.

This will allow the firm to achieve a unified culture within the region of Southeast Europe. Being based in Nicosia, the communication, cooperation and development of Baker Tilly’s executives is directed by the firm’s central Human Resources Department.

Baker Tilly in South East Europe is a leading network of auditors, accountants, tax and business consultants, which was founded in 1996 in Cyprus and gradually expanded, outreaching the geographical frontiers, towards Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Greece, as an independent member, within the powerful international network of Baker Tilly International, which is the 8th largest accountancy network in the world, represented in 165 companies, with a presence in 141 countries and 28,000 people.



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