Cruise industry a driver of tourism growth

Cruise industry a driver of tourism growth


Limassol port can now service the biggest cruise ships worldwide


By Charles Meaby, General Manager of DP World Limassol


The cruise industry is steadily rising internationally, as a key driver of tourism growth, while the tourism sector is of vital importance to the Cyprus economy. According to a recent study by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism is expected to become the cornerstone of the Cyprus economy, contributing 29% to the country’s GDP by 2028.

The Mediterranean region has always been a popular choice for tourists, with cruise travellers taking up an important share of the tourism market. With demand constantly on the rise and boasting a series of comparative advantages such as favourable weather conditions, crystal clear beaches, rich cultural heritage and modern infrastructure, Cyprus is becoming established as a particularly attractive destination.

At the same time, Limassol has all the specifications to become a regional cruise hub. Limassol port is the first port of call for cruise lines after transiting the Suez Canal, while its key location offers easy access to the Larnaca and Paphos airports.

With the operation of the new, state of the art Passenger Terminal, DP World Limassol aspires to turn Limassol port into a home port for cruise companies, offering new momentum to the tourism sector and helping Cyprus regain its leading role in cruise tourism in the Mediterranean. With world-class facilities, including seven separate rooms covering a total area of 8,205 square metres, the terminal is specially designed to provide transit (day call) and turnaround (home porting) services, while offering top quality service.

Limassol port can now handle the largest cruise ships worldwide. Its eastern berth is 480 metres long and 11 metres deep, while the vessels can also use the remaining 1,000 metres that are available at the port for mooring ships. Hence thousands of passengers will have the opportunity to visit the town of Limassol and not only, boosting the local market.

Strengthening marine tourism will open significant growth potential with multiple benefits for the local economy, such as the creation of new jobs, an upgrade of infrastructure and improvement of services. Reflecting its commitment to provide high quality services, DP World Limassol focuses on investments aiming at making the company the leading port operator in the region and the terminal a keystone of long term growth for the economy of Cyprus. However, the contribution of all stakeholders is particularly important in order to achieve the common goals.

As the operator of the new Passenger Terminal, DP World Limassol is in constant communication with all the relevant bodies, taking on and participating in initiatives that aim at reinforcing cruise tourism. To this end, the company, in cooperation with the CTO, Municipality of Limassol and Haifa port, recently hosted top executives from the world’s biggest cruise companies, during a three-day visit aimed at showcasing Cyprus’ advantages as a tourism destination.

Upgrading the services offered, such as connecting the new port with the town, is of vital importance. Projects are already underway to boost connectivity, making it easier for visitors to access the town centre. At the same time, the government must offer additional incentives to attract more cruise ships. Extroversion, enrichment and systematic promotion are a necessary precondition to achieve this goal.


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