Cyber security congress by KPMG Cyprus

Cyber security congress by KPMG Cyprus


KPMG in Cyprus organized and delivered the two-day Cyber ​​Security Congress 2017, which took place at the Hilton Hotel and at KPMG’s premises in Nicosia. The congress’ rich agenda covered both technical and management matters including targeted presentations and hands-on workshops, aiming at tackling the current and emerging Cyber Security challenges.

Mr. George Tziortzis, Board Member and Head of Management Consulting at KPMG in Cyprus opened the congress and welcomed the attendees. Mr. Ronald Heil, Director and Lars Jacobs, Manager Cyber ​​Security and Forensic Technology of KPMG in the Netherlands, demonstrated real examples of Incident Response and Ransomware cases through an interactive story-telling discussion with the audience, highlighting how organizational decision-making during a cyber-attack has a decisive impact on the organization’s smooth daily operations.

Ms. Olga Kulikova, Manager Cyber Security, presented the risks of “Shadow IT” exposure, as a result of uncontrolled Cloud services adoption and the difficulties faced by security teams in managing and containing relevant and evolving cyber-threats in today’s ever-changing IT landscape. Ms. Kulikova then presented the Digital Risk Platform, a holistic solution that helps organizations automate their cloud adoption processes, stay in control with the quickly changing IT landscape and achieve maximum transparency.

Finally, Mr. Christos Yiacoumis, Manager, leading the Cyber ​​Security at KPMG in Cyprus, presented the developments in the digital era and the Cyber Security challenges due to rapid digitalization and the merging of the Cyber and Physical worlds. In addition, he analysed the KPMG Cyber approach complimented by innovative solutions for end to end service delivery. Among others, Mr. Yiacoumis said: “rapid digitalization generates additional risks that did not exist before. This means that there is more data to hack, more data to steal. Cyber Security must evolve in consideration of the leveraged data, new technologies and computing capacity available to cyber-criminals”.

The KPMG Marketplace took place during the break, while at the same time, participants had the opportunity to raise questions and exchange views on the presentations. Practical workshops took place in the afternoon, in which participants had the opportunity to collaborate in defending their organization from a simulated real life cyber-attack based on strategic, tactical and operational knowledge; in addition, they practised how a security team should cooperate, exchange information, decide and implement solutions in order to secure business continuity following a disastrous cyber-attack.

During day two of the congress, university students, graduates and security researchers took part in a drone-inspired “Capture the Flag game”, where they demonstrated their technical abilities in circumventing security mechanisms with the goal of taking control of the drone flying over Nicosia district and landing it safely. The participants were also challenged to penetrate the industrial control systems of a power plant and shut it down.



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