Entrepreneurship changing the Business World

Entrepreneurship changing the Business World



The bravest dared, to Get in the Ring for the first time in Cyprus, and start the Chain Reaction


Chain Reaction is a series of events organised by Meaningful Synergies as a proud partner and licensed organiser of Get in The Ring Foundation. “For the first time in Cyprus this Global concept made a breakthrough in the Cyprus startups young ecosystem, by opening international doors and advocating a Positive Change initiative, which can only be commenced if we all take at least one step forward to show our support for entrepreneurship, and by including and mobilizing the community as a whole” said Branka van der Linden the founder of Meaningful Synergies.

The Get in the Ring Foundation is an organization that gives startups a fun and global podium to make valuable connections to start, grow and scale up their business. The Foundation is active in 100+ countries and works together with leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Get in the Ring is known for its innovative format where startups literally face off in a boxing ring. A battle between 2 startups consists of 5 30-second rounds about the team, achievements, and business model.

The event took place at Royal Hall in the old town of Nicosia, where International and Cyprus start-ups showed their passion for entrepreneurship, participated in Pitch Training and Open Innovation Workshop with seasoned corporate professionals, experts in various industries, mentors and investors. Mr Jochem Cuppen, Global Director and co-founder of Get in the Ring Foundation shared his knowledge and advice, showing new perspectives and inspired start-ups to keep up the good fight and always strive for further development.  The Selection Jury Ms Pavlina Papalouka, Mr Tahsin Haykal, Mr Gal Yissar, Mr Milos Colic and Mr Teddy Nehmad evaluated 17 qualified startups to narrow the selection to the best 6. Hendrik Halbe, Get in the Ring co-founder acted as a Ringmaster, and challenged the business models of chosen 6 startups – RYL Labs, Asclepius, Castor, MyBook Heroes, Gnous and Bandster. A team of five Champion Jurors, carefully selected to represent various industries and give all startups a fair chance to win, Mr Marios Skandalis President of ICPAC, Ms Elena Tanou, Vice President of the International Chamber of Commerce in Cyprus, Mr Yagub Rahimov Blockchain expert, Mr Dinos Ioannides Management Consultant and Trainer of Business Insights and Mr Dion Croom founder of Creative 3D Web had a difficult task to decide on one winner who would go through to the Global Meetup in Portugal at end of May this year. The audience also had a chance to participate in Q&A sessions and sway the Jury by expressing who their favourite contender was. The Get in the Ring Cyprus Hero Gnous, the winner of the competition has been offered mentorship to prepare for global finals, by Shanda Consult and Daesa Company, while second and third finalist won consulting sessions with Eurofast and ANH Auditors – Consultants.

We would like to thank all our supporters and partners who had faith and the matching vision that entrepreneurship is the future, some of them being start-ups themselves. Our special thanks to Institute of Certified Public Accountants for their guidance and Cyprus Chamber of Commerce for their support. Our communication sponsor, MixFM has contributed tremendously by letting our voice to be heard.

The event was an opportunity for startups to exchange opinions, develop intercultural sensitivity and tap into a vast network of Get in the Ring reach, to gain exposure and open new horizons. Meaningful Synergies will continue to provide support and connections to all participating startups.

Meaningful Synergies cordially invites all fans to Get in the Ring Chain Reaction Belgrade and Global Meetup in Portugal.

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