“Get in the Ring” makes its way to Cyprus on 23rd February 2018

“Get in the Ring” makes its way to Cyprus on 23rd February 2018



Calling all startups, entrepreneurs, supporters and investors: First-ever “Get in the Ring” chain reaction event in Cyprus announced!


The highly successful “Get in the Ring” makes its way to Cyprus on 23rd February 2018. The competition sees startup companies and entrepreneurs pitch their innovative business ideas to a Champion Jury and the audience, with the winner qualifying for the Global Meetup in Portugal.


Meaningful Synergies is pleased to announce the first-ever Get in the Ring Chain Reaction event in Cyprus. The event takes place on 23rd February 2018 at Royal Hall at 29 Xanthis Xenierou Street, 1015 Nicosia.

This event is the first of its kind in Cyprus and will see the winner awarded with an all-expenses paid trip to the global finals in Portugal this year in May, where they will get their chance to pitch for the World Champion title. The winner of the Nicosia event will also be granted a MBA scholarship* (T&C apply), as well as awards from Ring Friends, and exclusive access to global Get in the Ring network and ongoing mentoring support.

“I am so pleased to announce Cyprus’ first-ever Get in the Ring event, Chain Reaction, which will see entrepreneurs given the chance to appear at the Global Meetup in Portugal in just a few months”, said Branka van der Linden, the Managing Director of Meaningful Synergies Limited. “The concept has been running for five years now, and when the opportunity to include Cyprus was presented, we jumped at the chance, as we are extremely confident this can boost further ecosystem development for the entrepreneurs we’ve got on the island. Cyprus is definitely a hotbed of talent, and the Get in the Ring event will allow them to really express themselves and see their dream company come to realisation.”

Entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone that believes they have what it takes to convince the jury and fans that their business is the innovative business, can now register their place for the Get in the Ring Chain Reaction  at https://getinthering.gribb.io/event/get-in-the-ring-chain-reaction. The registration process is now open, and the event organisers expect a packed event.

“If you believe you have what it takes to battle against other entrepreneurs in Live Battles Pitch, and you are confident your business plan, idea, and vision have a future, register your place today.”

For more information, visit the Meaningful Synergies website  www.meaningfulsynergies.com, get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected], or by calling

7000 20 71 or 7000 20 72. You can also find additional information below, or via their social media streams.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/1187290694741505.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/meaningful-synergies-ltd.

Additional Information Relating to the Event

Distinguished Champion jury members of the Chain Reaction are Ms. Elena Tanou, Mr. Marios Skandalis, Mr. Dion Croom, Mr. Yagub Rahimov and Mr. Dinos Ioannides, and the event will be held under the Auspices of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) and is supported by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce.

How Get in the Ring Works

The Get in the Ring Foundation is an organization that gives startups a fun and global podium to make valuable connections to start, grow and scale up their business. The Foundation is active in 100+ countries and works together with leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Get in the Ring is known for its innovative format where startups literally face off in a boxing ring. A battle between 2 startups consists of 5 x 30-second rounds about the team, achievements, business model, its finances and free style. There can only be one winner!

Upon registration and coffee eye opening, the startups will get their training and go through a tough selection round.  Along the way the entrepreneurs are given pitch training, advice about their businesses, and the opportunity to get in contact with investors, business leaders, potential customers and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Jury members with various backgrounds will be present to judge the startups, and even more important, to see if there are possibilities to work together or help each other in the future. After the Selection Pitches we’ll announce the finalists, who will be pitching on stage during the Live Battles Award Show.

The Road to The Final
Every year the Get in the Ring Foundation organizes a global startup competition where they look to identify the most promising startups in different weight-classes that are based on valuation.

The winner of battles will qualify for the final Global Meetup in Portugal.

Get in the Ring connects startups globally to investors, business leaders and talent, to start, grow and scale up. Therefore, instead of a simple cash prize, the winner of the Chain Reaction gets participation in Global Final Meetup 2018. The Winner also receives an *MBA Scholarship by City Unity College Nicosia, the official Cyprus branch of Cardiff Metropolitan University, for Autumn Semester 2018.

That’s not all: Get in the Ring provides the winning startup with exclusive access to local networks and temporary workspaces in the 100+ countries they are active in, supporting their journey on global expansion wherever they can.

The Programme

09:45 – 10:30 – Registration

Welcome by Get in the Ring founders and organising team Coffee & Breakfast

10:30 – 13:00 – Pitch Training

Practise your pitch together with peers and get feedback from experts during these training sessions

13:00 – 14:00 – Networking Lunch

The best way to meet people is during an informal networking lunch

14:00 – 16:00 – Selection pitches

During the selection round you will pitch for a spot on the main stage of the selection event. You will have to pitch in front of an experienced jury and convince them why YOU should proceed to the next round. You will have to present in front of Ms Nathalie Jaarsma, Mr Panayiotis Jacovides, Ms Pavlina Papalouka, and others.

16:30 – 18:00 – Open innovation workshop

Startups and corporates that innovate together, we all agree this is the best way to innovate. But it seems to be one of the hardest ways to innovate. During the open innovation workshop, we combine experiences and best practices from corporates and startups and provide handles to improve these collaborations.

19:0019:30 Evening visitors Registration

19:30 – 21:00 – Live Battles

The highlight of every Get in the Ring event. During the award show the best startups will battle on the main stage, show what they’ve got and compete for the attention of potential fans and a ticket to the global final.

21:00 till late – Afterparty

After a full day of learning, connecting, innovating and competing it is time for some drinks. It will be an afterparty full of great experiences.

Additional Information for Media
Special tickets are available for representatives of the media. For inquiries related to interviewing startups, jury members and/or being involved in the full day program please contact media liaison.

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available at all locations. Special areas for media will be available upon request. Representatives of the media joining activities will be provided as well with food and drinks.

The Global Final
Winner of Cyprus Chain Reaction qualifies for a place in the Global Meetup, 2018, on 30 May in Cascais, Portugal. A 3-day entrepreneurial retreat in one of the most beautiful coast villages in Europe: Cascais, with the goal to unlock valuable opportunities for start-ups.

All traveling arrangements included by Chain Reaction event organiser.

The future of Get in the Ring
After only five years Get in the Ring has grown itself into one of the most respected and well-known startup competitions in the world. Meaningful Synergies Ltd intends to support this innovative concept by organising the event annually and inspire more people to take action toward the positive change.

The Organiser

Meaningful Synergies, the organiser and host of the event is a new and dynamic company, established and operated by Branka van der Linden. Its primary objective reflects its name: to create meaningful synergies, building unique and innovative bridges between businesses, making connections that may not at first seem obvious but that create powerful interactions. Branka has deep experience and diverse interests. Her background lies in business administration and corporate governance, compliance, international business and the legislation. And she has a passion for applying her vast experience and extensive international network to create positive change. Meaningful Synergies means resourceful entrepreneurship, sourcing and running meaningful projects, building status, market share and power to contribute to the Positive Change Initiative.

“Our vision is to create positive change on several levels, helping economic development, improving processes, motivating businesses, applying corrective ethics and ultimately contributing to the advancement of Human Rights.”

Our contribution to the positive change initiative is spreading the awareness of entrepreneurship importance and further development of healthy startups ecosystem.

Causes we care about are Children Rights, and we are honoured to support “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center  at our event, by promoting their vision during our activities.



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