Jerry Prochazka: We’re all plugged in and connected like never before

Jerry Prochazka: We’re all plugged in and connected like never before



In 2030 every organization will be a technology organization and as such businesses need to start thinking today about how to future-proof their infrastructure and workforce (IFTF report published by Dell Technologies in July 2017)


Jerry Prochazka: Chief Human Resources Officer and Head of Wargaming Alliance at, Former Head of Global HR at Riot Games, Former Learning and Talent Executive at MediaTech publishing and Accenture, Spend 12 years as a US Navy, Nuclear Engineer

Jerry Prochazka is positioned on the forefront of Human Resources strategies of the high-tech gaming industry , being in charge of Wargaming’s global talent agenda including talent acquisition, performance, learning & development for 4,500 employees across 19 offices worldwide.  He will share with us the impact of technology on the workforce and society, the way things work today and how this affects future talent strategies and organisational culture.

Prochazka argues that: “Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat. We’re all plugged in and connected like never before. We’re wired for the next hit of Dopamine and these apps have changed the way we not only communicate, but also how we build relationships and how our brains are fundamentally wired. We curate our lives best moments and share them for the world to see and then scroll through others doing the same. Are we fully aware of what we’re doing and our habits? This change has impacted our daily lives in ways that we’re just beginning to fully understand. With the need for future leaders who can solve complex problems and think creatively ever rising, how do we prepare the next generation who has been plugged in for the future challenges of the World?

Join “Life Changing Ideas” and listen to Jerry Prochazka’s ideas about:

  • The evolution of technology and societal impacts
  • How AI will make creative problem-solving the most important skill in the next 5 years
  • The unintended consequences of social media and technology
  • How to prepare the next generation of leaders for the coming challenges
  • How to disconnect and strike a healthy balance of using social media as a tool and not a lifestyle

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