Marianna Hadjiandoniou introduces to us the BizandLove World

Marianna Hadjiandoniou introduces to us the BizandLove World


…One of a kind blog!


She is young with a dynamic personality. There is no doubt that these words describe Mrs. Marianna Hadjiandoniou. Marianna is an entrepreneur from Limassol known for her passion and pioneer due to her considerable work experience, the professionalism and persistence that makes her standing out in the business world.

The BizandLove Project aims to highlight successful personalities that you either know or you don’t

Currently, she is taking action by moving a step forward on her career via the creation of blog. The last few years she took the initiative by collaborating with companies in United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece and many other countries assisting on the set up of their HR Departments and handling internal HR Issues by outsourcing her services. Her collaboration was covering many HR aspects such as education, staff recruitment and selection along with human resource training and development.

Mrs Hadjiandoniou earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Coventry and she pursued her Master’s degree in Human Resources Management at the University of Surrey. In 2004, she joined the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and is still an active member of it. She is a Certified Trainer in Business and Human Resources Management.  In addition, she worked as a Human Resource Manager at Primetel Plc and then she joined the HYGEIA Group (MIG) where she held the position of the Regional HR Director in Cyprus, being in charge of the two hospitals in Limassol and Paphos.

Moving on now, as Marianna stated in the interview, “Bizandlove blog (  – pop out as an idea insight into myself and my busy life style. Wanted to capture my little space on the internet to add some of my success and failure stories about business and love”.

The blog consists of four different categories.  The BizandLove Project aims to highlight successful personalities that you either know or you don’t, giving you an inside look in their 48 hours busy life. The individuals that will be presented in this section are unique personalities who have the ability to influence the audience by sharing their personal experiences and knowledge. Also, by reading the articles you can learn about their singular effort regarding their contribution and positive impact they had into society. That might help the audience to improve themselves as individuals if they decide to utilize particular elements of their actions. The aim is to introduce also companies, start ups, business achievements and also helping graduates to keep up with what employers need.

Furthermore, the BizWorld category gives the reader the opportunity to read articles that are not only written by her but also from acclaimed partners who shared their personal and professional opinions, experiences as well as advice regarding the business world. Undeniably, the articles are written in such a way that will make any reader regardless of age, being keen reading them until the end. Later on, the category called LoveWorld, includes short stories based on real life as regards to relationships, friendships and family with a script inspired by the «Sex and the City».

The last category called BizandLove Quotes, aims to inspire, motivate and strengthen the individual’s self-confidence, at a personal and professional level.

On the question: “Why would an entrepreneur, a successful person will use BizandLove Project in order to present his or her 48 hours busy schedule?”

She advocated that leading figures ought to present their professional business lifestyle and share particular moments where they had to take an important decision or even obstacles that arose during that process. By demonstrating their strategic thinking in relation to their achievements and success, that would result in the creation of a general idea of how a successful personality is. Thus, through BizandLove these leading figures are significant to be presented as examples of creativity.

“We are pursuing to help people understand the meaning of the word “leadership” by demonstrating the “personal charisma” as a strategic corporate element rather than present it as an attribute or skill that only few people have” Marianna stated.

Marianna’s main purpose is to showcase a successful personality that will trust her not only to be seen but instead to raise awareness so that it becomes more recognized and familiar from the public which will not only acknowledge it but also be inspired by it. Nowadays, the presence of such leaders is extremely crucial in the workplace and our daily life as well.



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