RINA verifies d’Amico as the first fleet to be entirely MRV-compliant

RINA verifies d’Amico as the first fleet to be entirely MRV-compliant

RINA Services has verified that the entire fleet of the d’Amico Group has met the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 emissions Regulation (MRV) requirements according to EU 2015/757 Regulation. The fleet comprises 36 vessels which are managed by d’Amico Società di Navigazione and 35 vessels managed by its subsidiary Ishima Pte. Ltd.

This new regulation was developed in response to the challenge of reducing greenhouse gases in European territories to the 2050 targets set by EU. By 2030 GHG must be reduced at least by 40% below 1990 levels. The EU Commission strategy suggests that the CO2 emissions from maritime transport should be cut by at least 40% from 2005 levels by 2050.

MRV is compulsory and is applicable to ships greater than 5000 GT, which undertake one or more commercial voyages (cargo or passengers) into, or out of, EU ports.

By August 2017, ship owners must submit to their verifier the CO2 Monitoring Plan of each ship of their fleet and, from 2018 onwards, they will have to monitor the emissions, fuel consumption and other parameters, which will have to be yearly reported and verified.

“We created the Fleet Performance Monitoring department more than five years ago. We were among the first ones in Europe to do so and this allowed us to gain a significant competitive advantage on MRV compliance. We recognised the environmental and commercial benefits of meeting the new regulations and we are pleased to have worked with RINA on this initiative” said Salvatore d’Amico, Fleet Director of d’Amico Group.

d’Amico’s Monitoring Plan consists of a complete and transparent documentation of the monitoring methods, contains all the ships’ relevant information and a description of the procedures, systems used for determining, recording and storing all measurements required by the Regulation.

“We are particularly pleased to have worked with d’Amico on this task. They are the first company to have the entire fleet MRV verified by RINA. We have been accredited by ACCREDIA for this activity and we are also a designated operational entity (DOE) accredited by UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) for the validation and verification of CDM projects. We have all the credentials and the experience to assist the maritime industry in contributing to the global greenhouse gas emissions reduction” said Paolo Moretti, CCO Marine & Transport, RINA Services.

d’Amico Group is a leading Italian family-run shipping company operating on a global scale.  The core business is focused on the management and operation of dry cargo and product tankers vessels, also providing international shipping services.

d’Amico has an advanced technical department made up of highly qualified personnel. Thanks to this, a wide range of in-house technical management services are provided for the Groups’ ships and, on request, for third party clients, guaranteeing 24/7 early assistance. d’Amico Group carries out audits and inspections on board ships to ensure that the highest standards of international compliance are respected, aiming to exceed client expectations. Every on board inspection is used as an opportunity to understand the crew’s company culture, including their vision, mission and policy. d’Amico also offers maintenance services on the ships thanks to a specialized team which is renowned in the shipping sector.

d’Amico Group has always been committed client needs and operational safety and concern for the environment represent its core values, with the continuing professional development of the team and investment in a substantial state of the art and eco-friendly fleet amongst the top priorities.

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