The Cyprus Youth Board resumes its career counseling services

The Cyprus Youth Board resumes its career counseling services

Simultaneously expanding its inter-ministerial collaboration with the Ministries of Defense, Employment and Commerce


Within the framework of improving the holistic support it offers to young Cypriots in securing a brighter future, the Cyprus Youth Board (ONEK) has announced that it will resume its vocational guidance and career counselling services at its Youth Information Centres across Cyprus.

In the uncertain economic conditions that Cyprus is still experiencing, ONEK’s goal is to guide young people to make the best possible education and career-related choices. Following the successful implementation of the innovative “Career Academy” programme last year, the Youth Information Centres -operating in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Pafos, Famagusta and Agros- will provide, inter alia: capacity building workshops, advice on CV improvement, personal planning and employability, support in filling out applications to public universities, guidance in module selection for secondary school students, and information about opportunities at national and European levels.

Moreover, following an agreement with the Ministry of Defence, vocational guidance services will also be offered to units of the National Guard. “All young people need support in order to identify their skills and interests, develop their competencies, learn to develop alternative thinking so that they can find and create opportunities for themselves, and to develop entrepreneurial activities”, said Eleftheria Christoforou, the Youth Officer in charge of the Information Centres. “The resumption of the vocational guidance services at the centres forms part of ONEK’s multifaceted effort to create those conditions that will empower young people, enabling them to seize and take advantage of all available opportunities for a promising and creative future”, added Christoforou.

These services complement ONEK’s actions in the field of entrepreneurship. It is expected that a multiannual collaboration will soon be announced with the Ministry of Labour for the establishment of Youth Entrepreneurship centres, operating within the Youth Information Centres, that will provide specialised information, guidance and training. ONEK is already an active supporter of the ‘Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship’ programme managed by the Ministry of Commerce that aims at the development and support of youth entrepreneurship.

For more information about the Youth Information Centres and the vocational guidance services visit the website: A relevant video about the Career Academy is available here



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