The Cyprus Youth Board targeting an increase in the self-confidence of youth

The Cyprus Youth Board targeting an increase in the self-confidence of youth


Two workshops part of ONEK’s youth empowerment strategy


As part of its broader efforts aimed at the empowerment of youth, the Cyprus Youth Board (ONEK) is organising two self-confidence building workshops in May -to take place in Nicosia and Larnaca- entitled “I love and believe in myself.”

The workshops are a direct response to two of the most important problems that young people face today, identified during a survey conducted by ONEK in 2015. 32% of respondents pointed to anxiety about the future, while 25% highlighted unemployment as key challenges for youth in Cyprus. The workshops aim, to help participants to focus on their strengths, make the right choices, learn about setting achievable and measurable objectives, strengthen their confidence, and focus on the results they want to achieve in order to enjoy an improved and balanced lifestyle.

ONEK’s initiative was welcomed by workshop leader Andri Penta, a Consultant specialising in Marketing, Communication, Public Relations and Branding. “The self-confidence of young people has taken a battering in recent times due to a number of factors that have added to the insecurity of daily life”, Penta said. “I am delighted to be able to contribute to ONEK’s multifaceted work, an organisation that is fully aware of its role within society, which is none other than the empowerment of youth, and which is undertaking important actions in this direction”, added Penta.

The workshops – to take place in Greek – will be held on Wednesday, May 11 2016 (17:00-20:00) at ONEK’s Headquarters in Nicosia, on Saturday, May 21 2016 (10:00 -13:00) at the Larnaca Youth Information Centre.

For more information, visit:, with registration over the phone on 77772757.



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