Travel luxuriously in Emirates’ economy class

Travel luxuriously in Emirates’ economy class

A trip to Dubai, the Far East or Australia takes hours. Hours that must be part of a unique travel experience for everyone, not just for those who have the opportunity to travel in business or first class. Emirates has created the most privileged economy class in the world by offering even more than the business class of other companies.

Traveling in the economy class of Emirates you can do more than just admire its impressive planes: have a wonderful time with the countless entertainment options, relax in the comfort of your seat and indulge in the excellent service of its staff.

ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) is Emirates’ award-winning entertainment system, a unique experience of in-flight information and entertainment. On your personal screen, you can listen to songs, test your video game skills or explore more than 2,500 channels, watch the latest movies, multilingual TV broadcasts and the latest news.

Young passengers their own care during the flight so they will not get bored. ICE will surprise them with movies especially for them (such as the latest Disney movies), programs, games and cartoons. They can also make new friends with the Fly with Me animals, while Lonely Planet packages inspire older children to explore more of the world.

In the economy class will not miss anything, since you can experience a truly unique flight while seated on the comfortable seats, sleep in the big space with the new fleece blankets and use your appliances as there are built-in power outlets and free Wi-Fi for up to 20mbs! This way, you will reach your destination rested and recharged.

Time flies when you have excellent service, especially from Emirates’ friendly and experienced cabin crew. The great surprise though awaits you at lunch time! During your flight try gourmet meals inspired by the geographical area to which you are traveling. You can choose a meal from a menu of flavors from around the world and enjoy dishes of your destination. Your meals can be accompanied by wine, cocktails, beers and choices of hot refreshments like juices, water or soft drinks.

Travel from Cyprus with Emirates’ economy class, the most privileged economy class of the world, and you will not want your flight to end!



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