Vassiliko Cement Works supports the project ”Let’s Hippo for children”

Vassiliko Cement Works supports the project ”Let’s Hippo for children”

 A charity event entitled “Let’s Hippo for children” was organized by Sophia Foundation for Children and “Partners Y&R”, on June 27, 2018, in the Presidential Palace gardens.

The event was carried out under the auspices of the President of the Republic and Mrs Andrie Anastasiadis. During the event, the president of Sophia Foundation for Children, Marina Siakola, thanked the presidential couple for their hospitality and the sponsor companies for transforming the Foundation’s values and vision into action.

‘Let’s Hippo’ is an original and socially sensitive project regarding the creation of 20 hippo collectibles, crafted gratis by well-known Cypriot artists and ‘adopted’ by an equal number of Cypriot companies. During the event, the hippos were raffled and were offered as a prize to the sponsor companies that ”adopted” them. All revenues will be offered to support the program ”I cook and I offer” for all the children of Cyprus.

Vassiliko Cement Works is one of the main supporters of Sophia Foundation for Children, by adopting a hippo, showcasing thus a sensitive profile vis-à-vis vulnerable social groups, offering support and spreading more smiles with its actions.




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